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350R Leather UTV Steering Wheel

350R Leather UTV Steering Wheel

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Gear up For Battle

The preferred way to rip through the trails is to go balls to the wall, maxing out your speed, and clinching your steering wheel so tight your knuckles are white. Strategically give your next ride more control by adding Assault Industries' 350 R Leather Steering Wheel. Its tactical design will give you a broad, superior grip, and it will make your cab look badass.

Improved Grip for Aggressive Driving

The innovative design of this steering wheel gives you a precision grip at 10 and 2 for more control. It has a 60mm offset, so you can bring it closer to you giving you more control. Plus, its light aluminum frame is also wrapped in bold black leather, so your hands won’t slip.

Sleek, Edgy Design

Are you looking for a superior steering wheel that will match your cab's interior? This 350R Leather Steering wheel is finished in black leather and features the Assault Industries' logo in gray stitching, complimenting the colors of your cab. Plus, in the center of the wheel is a CNC-cut aluminum plate with a sleek, edgy design that takes it to the next level.

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