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Assault Industries Can-Am Commander Reaper CVT Drive Belt

Assault Industries Can-Am Commander Reaper CVT Drive Belt

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A Battle-Ready Belt
When you attack mountains, rocks, and dunes, you know they’re going to fight back. Beat back slippage and overheating by switching to Assault Industries' Can-Am Commander Reaper CVT Drive Belt. It’s built for high speed and high heat, so you can patrol reliably even when you put the pedal down.

Built for Harsh Rides
With its excellent heat dispersion, Reaper belts last longer on high-speed, high-performance rides. They’re built to withstand shock loads from up 400 HP engines with their aramid fiber cord, rigid sidewalls, and advanced sheave adhesion. They have unbeatable engagement when you hit the gas and disperse heat quickly to avoid breakdown. No matter how hard you put the pedal down Assault’s Reaper belts are built for it.

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