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CT Race Worx Radius Rod Race Plates | Can-Am X3

CT Race Worx Radius Rod Race Plates | Can-Am X3

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These radius rod plates will give you the ability to remove one radius rod at a time without having to remove the radius rod plate. This has several advantages, no studs to break, stronger bolts replacing the studs, ability to remove one rod at a time, and changing a rear axle just got faster.

Since the factory stud setup uses a nylon locking nut for the locking setup we knew we would not be able to incorporate a locking nut into this design. The solution was a Nordlock washer on the bolts. This will keep the bolts from backing out and holding torque without having to use Loctite. Our weld nuts are made and machined in house from 4130 chromoly with a form tap. The strength and density of these threads is much stronger than a factory nut to ensure strong thread engagement over years of use.

This kit comes with a template to drill the holes for the mounting hardware of the plates. A 1/8" pilot gets drilled first and then that hole gets opened up from 1/8" to roughly 1/4" or slightly larger hole. Everything needed is supplied except for the drill bits.

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