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DragonFire Racing Removable LED Dome Light Kit

DragonFire Racing Removable LED Dome Light Kit

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Don't get left in the dark again. This LED Dome Light was designed to be as useful as possible while staying simple. Equipped with a 304 stainless steel mount that attaches to almost any cage tube and uses low-profile zip ties to attach, keeping it clean and simple. The light is a battery powered multifunction LED light featuring a flood light top portion, side spot flashlight, magnetic backing and a useful pop out hanging hook. The best part of the whole set-up is the light can easily slide in or out of the mount, making it not only a great dome light, but a portable handheld light as well.

Mount made of 304 stainless steel. Simple two zip tie mounting system. Multi-function LED light. Easy installation, no wiring required. Removable light can be used for flashlight. LED light provides long lasting run times. Fits 1-1/2" - 2" diameter tube. Uses three AAA batteries, included with kit. Available with all black or black/blue LED light housing.

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