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9 Pin Molex Inline Ground Isolator

9 Pin Molex Inline Ground Isolator

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We recommend this Ground Isolator if you want to charge your music device from the vehicle during audio input into your intercom system. Phone/Audio chargers can introduce power noise into your intercom system, this ground isolator can eliminate the issues.

  • Works with: PCI 4 Link Pro, PCI Comlink X
  • 9 pin molex to 9 pin molex

From our FAQ's:
We recommend using our Line Driver to amplify music into your intercom system. We do not recommend charging your music device while playing music as it introduces power noise into the system. If you must charge the device during playback, we have two options: Purchase a ground isolator for the Line Driver; or use a battery powered amplifier such as a Boostaroo, which can be found on Amazon for around $50. They aren’t as high quality as our Line Driver, but they use a battery for power instead of vehicle power, eliminating noise possibilities.


Superseded Part #'s 378

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