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WSRD "Be Better" Limited Edition Sweatshirt

WSRD "Be Better" Limited Edition Sweatshirt

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"Be Better" a great lifestyle slogan to live by and a saying you will often hear here at the WSRD Headquarters when faced with adversity. Dylan is the originator of this annoying, yet purposeful slogan often paired with a shoulder shrug. Just use your imagination; visualize the beard, the slogan, and a condescending shoulder shrug all wrap up into a sweatshirt. We know you see the idea behind the sweatshirt now!

This sweatshirt still comes in all of the classic American sized human sizes, featuring our go-to Champion quality material, rounded out perfectly with the Be Better and Whalen Speed logo embroidered in platinum white thread. 

This sweatshirt is currently a pre-order through the March 11th, 2022. A three week lead time will follow. We anticipate shipping on April 1st. 

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