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WSRD 2019-2021 Ski-Doo Big Wheel "X" Upgrade

WSRD 2019-2021 Ski-Doo Big Wheel "X" Upgrade

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WSRD now supports all 2021 Ski-Doo models!

You play on the lakes; you want to drag race; you want your Ski-Doo to perform it's best and you want it all? Or, maybe you just want the larger turbocharger for the cooler charge temps for your trail machine? We get it and this is the package for you!

What's Included? (Package Essentials)

  • Forced Performance 55HTA Green Turbocharger
    • Includes WSRD Install Kit
  • WSRD Performance Tune - via the DynoJet Power Vision PV3
    • DynoJet Power Vision included
  • WSRD/TiAL Wastegate
  • ID 1050X Injector Set
    • Ski-Doo Plug & Play Adapters Included
 WSRD Tune Fuel Octane Boost - PSI Crack Pressure HP
WS200ACE-X 91 Octane 17 10 200
WS225ACE-X 93 Octane 21 11 225
WS240ACE-X 98+ Octane 22-22.5 12 240

    Clutching Option:

    • WSRD Tailstander Clutch Weights
    We are in development for more boost with upgraded map sensors for the guys who want to push the turbo to 29psi of boost. Easily upgradeable via email when the tune package is available.
    The FP Green is an all new turbocharger using upgrade bearings to handle the loads the larger compressor wheel puts on the center section. 100% reliability on these turbos, even when pushed to 30+ PSI of boost.
    Turbocharger Specs:
    Factory Compressor Wheel:
    • Inducer: 36mm | Exducer: 44mm 
    Forced Performance Green:
    • Inducer: 40mm | Exducer: 55mm

    The FP Green also features an exhaust wheel design that allows the turbo to move air and exhaust more effectively when boost pressures are increased.
    The WS240ACE Tune adjusts the rev limit to 8800 RPM, eliminates speed limiters, increases idle speed to 1400 RPM in all modes. Impressive drive-ability and startup on large injectors with accurate and precise fuel delivery into boost. 
    The tune and engine package produces the best results at 7900 rpm+/-50 rpm. There are many clutch kits out there. We have had good results with simply dropping in ZRP clutch arms. Clutching will change with elevation, weight of machine, track modifications, weight of driver, etc. The Power Vision is a strong tool which allows you to log a run and review on a laptop. Very resourceful when trying to dial in your clutching.

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