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Polaris Slingshot Ballistic D V2 Steering Wheel

Polaris Slingshot Ballistic D V2 Steering Wheel

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Make Ready for Battle

It’s hard not to feel like a hero when you pull up in your wicked Polaris Slingshot because all of your buddies are yelling "bravo zulu—well done." This badass autocycle has no doors or windows, so adding Assault Industries' Polaris Slingshot Ballistic “D” V2 Steering Wheel for more steering control is necessary. And it has a horn button that clips right into the OEM wiring, so you'll give everyone warning to move out of your way.

Take Control of Your Fleet

The innovative design of this steering wheel gives you a precision grip at 10 and 2 for more control. Its "D" shape design gives you more knee clearance when entering and exiting your machine. Plus, its light aluminum frame is also wrapped in bold black leather, so your hands won't slip.

Sleek, Edgy Design

Are you looking for a higher-ranking steering wheel that will match your cab's interior? This Polaris Slingshot steering wheel is finished in dusky, black leather, giving your cab that sleek look you've wanted. In the center of the wheel is a CNC-cut aluminum plate with a edgy design that includes Assault's logo.

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