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Ironclad Industries Stinger "side exit" exhaust

Ironclad Industries Stinger "side exit" exhaust

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All customers alike want an amazing looking system with all the bells and whistles. This system is on par for those customers!! It allows you to utilize the entire storage area while still maintaining that sexy appearance of a sleek designed side exit exhaust! Our systems are unlike all of our competitors. We use only the highest quality USA made products while ensuring each exhaust is backpurged and built to the higest standards. While this system won't be as quiet as one of our full length systems it will still do the job needed! Our systems allow the customer to get exactly what they're paying for compared to similar systems on the market!!

  • Built, designed, and fabricated in the USA!!
  • 100% Tig Welded!!
  • Highest Grade 304 Stainless Steel available!!
  • Added HP, Torque, and Throttle Response!!
  • Utilizes 2 mufflers to keep the tone to a minimum!!
  • Added Sexiness with the tear drop tip and pie cuts between the mufflers!!
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