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Ironclad Industries Reaper "valved" (FRONT SECTION ONLY)

Ironclad Industries Reaper "valved" (FRONT SECTION ONLY)

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We have finally came to the market with our own "shocker" style system as some would like to call it. We just take it a step further. Our system allows customers to utilize their factory muffler, but adds just the right amount of appearance and sound to set your build over the top!! This system is necessary for those customers that want to keep the quiet tone from factory muffler but want that race appearance with the flip of a switch. Biggest benefit is going to a larger 3'' front section compared to the factory 2.5''. While all of our products are competitively priced across the market the quality welds and superior finish goes unmatched. Get the sexy tear drop look like our race systems, but still manage to keep the machine tamed with the factory exhaust. Open the valve and feel the added HP gains with our full 3'' valved front section.

  • Built, designed, and fabricated in the USA!!
  • 100% Tig Welded!!
  • Highest Grade 304 Stainless Steel available!!
  • Added HP, Torque, and Throttle Response!!
  • Utilizes factory muffler to keep the sound to a minimum!
  • Full 3'' front section
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